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Whether you want to spend an hour picking our brains over a bowl of noodles (our treat!) or hang out with us for a day learning about our behind the scenes business operations, we’d love to help. Some areas that we seem to do well.

Public Relations and Effectively Telling Our Story

Social Media Marketing

Building a Socially-Conscious and Impactful Business

Developing a Brand and Creating Culture

Empowering Staff and Building a Mission-Driven Team

Creating Internal Systems of Operations from the Ground Up

A Bit About Mae and Adam.

Mae Suramek is a reformed non-profit professional turned social entrepreneur. She worked as a non-profit administrator for the past 20 years, most recently as Alumni Director of Berea College and Executive Director of the Bluegrass Rape Crisis Center.

Adam Mullikin is a reformed IT professional turned social entrepreneur.  He spent 17 years working in Information Systems and Services departments at Berea College and Eastern Kentucky University. 

Together, with their vast collections of mindfulness trainings and Microsoft certifications, they thought that it would be a stellar idea to quit their jobs and dive into an industry with the highest failure rate and lowest profit margin. Turns out they were right about the idea, wrong about the failure rate and profit margin.

In 2016, Mae and Adam co-founded, Noodle Nirvana, a socially conscious restaurant in Berea, Kentucky, with the simple goal of “creating epic noodle bowls and changing the world.”  Noodle Nirvana subscribes to an innovative business model that commits to living wages, supporting local food providers, and significantly impacting the most pressing needs of the community.  Now in its third year, the restaurant has raised over $110,000 for local causes, grew from 3 to 14 employees, has consistently grown in sales, and is negotiating discussions with three potential franchisees. 

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Our small business consulting fee is $75 per hour. Thank you for acknowledging our life’s work, for giving validity to our journey and the risks we took to get here, for assigning value to the time we will be putting into preparing for our meeting with you, and being away from our business, and for honoring our personal experiences and expertise that we will be sharing with you. If our visions and scheduling align, know that we would never let any individual financial constraints or circumstances be a barrier to this process.