Full Service Noodle Bar

$12 per person. Includes delivery, table cloths, set up and clean up, but not trash removal.  Includes sugar cane compostable bowls, recyclable chopsticks, disposable spoons, and napkins.

Noodle Bar - Delivery and Set-up Only

$10 per person. Includes delivery and set up.  All equipment must be returned within 3 business days or a $200 equipment recovery fee will be assessed. Provide your own table cloth.  Includes sugar cane compostable bows, recyclable chopsticks, disposable spoons, and napkins.   

Noodle Bar Includes:

Choice of 2 Broths  (All are vegan, MSG-free)

  • Mom’s House Curry

  • Vietnamese Style Pho

  • Spicy Lime

  • Rustic Thai Veggie (Gluten free & Sugar free)


All noodle bars come with a selection of rice noodles and Lexington Pasta ramen.


All noodle bars come with a selection of roasted sliced chicken breast and sesame-baked tofu.


All noodle bars come with a selection of fresh cilantro, lime, carrots, scallions, basil, sprouts, boiled eggs, and ground peanuts.


Add Some Spring Rolls!                                        

$1.50 each.  Chicken, vegetarian, or banana Nutella



Fresh Platter

$40.  Includes sesame crackers, carrot sticks, cucumber sticks, grilled tofu, fresh (not fried) spring rolls, and house peanut sauce.  Serves 10.

Fried Spring Roll Platter

$60.  Includes 50 of our famous hand-rolled fried spring rolls (veggie, chicken, or a combination of both).  Served with sweet chili sauce.

 Fresh & Fried Platter

$60.  Includes 25 hand-rolled fresh (not fried) spring rolls stuffed with glass noodles, cucumbers, basil, carrots, and green onions AND 25 fried veggie spring rolls.  Served with house peanut sauce and sweet chili sauce.

 Banana Nutella Spring Roll Platter

$30.  Includes 25 fried banana Nutella spring rolls sprinkled with powdered sugar.   


Fill out the below and we’ll get back with you shortly to discuss availability, menu, and any other questions you might have. We typically need 5 business days to sufficiently shop, source, and prep for catering events.

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