We Surpassed our Kickstarter Goal!

Thanks to all our backers, we raised almost $7000 in 60 days to help fund our crazy world-changing noodle bowl idea!  We're now busy renovating, building, and creating our magical space.  Can't wait to feed you noodles in June!

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Obviously we LOVE noodles but are equally committed to building strong communities. We are deeply invested in the Old Town/Chestnut Street revitalization movement, which means, we'll have to build out our kitchen and purchase commercial grade equipment. You know, rather than try to move into the old Burger King by the interstate. Our business model (happily) requires us diverting our profits at a VERY early stage to a local non-profit organization. We know it's risky, particularly during those first few unpredictable years, but we BELIEVE this is just the innovative business/social justice model that can make a real difference.

Our Origin Story

Check out our launch video from founder, Mae Suramek!